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Autism Awareness Fact: The Hidden Curriculum

The Hidden Curriculum is a term used to describe all those social expectations neurotypical folks learn by osmosis. Little niceties like looking someone in the eye when you speak to them, but not if you are in the Men's room, these are norms most people take for granted. For someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder, understanding facial expressions and body language do not come naturally.

The hidden curriculum must be learned, just as body language must. What makes it difficult is that behavior in one place is unacceptable in another. For instance, a boy may need to "trash talk" in the locker room to fit in with peers. But, that kind of conversation might upset grandma.

One thing to keep in my is that socializing when you are on the autism spectrum is as hard as math. Getting out of class for free time is not necessarily a break for a child with ASD.

April is Autism Awareness Month