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Autism Parent Newsletter May 2016

The Issue at Hand

May is second only to December when it comes to being busy! All the end of school activities, the holiday, the last minute things, it creates a flurry of busy-ness! Now, summer is here and it is time to change gears and have children home instead of at school. Putting together this month's issue, a heart theme began to emerge. Resonate with Heart describes the evolution of the Resonant Heart© logo and what it means to resonate. A parent shared a heart she designed in Parenting Post-Its. And, "A Heart-Centered Meditation" is described in Relax!, which will help you to take short breaks to de-stress.

Parenting Hacks offers some ideas for summer activities. Events scheduled in the Wichita and Kansas City area are listed, including support groups, fund-raisers, and Sensory-friendly films. The feature article is exciting news about a program Ford is beginning that will hire individuals with ASD.

Enjoy the issue!

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