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Emotional Age for Aspergers

Aspergers, also known as High Functioning Autism (HFA), creates an uneven kind of development. Your kid's chronological age is based on their birthdays. Their physical growth is goverend by that age and their genetics.

Cognitive growth, which uses perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning, may be age-level or ahead. You can see this kind of growth in how well they do in school subjects. They may be average to gifted. Emotional growth or maturity can lag behind.

Your Asperger child can seem like a big contradiction. On the one hand, he or she may talk like a much older child and sometimes like an adult. On the other hand, he or she may be way behind same-age peers, emotionally. Being smart can raise expectations for maturity. Others may think your child is misbehaving, rude, or that you are a terrible parent. They may think that a child that smart should know how to behave appropriately.

The truth is that your child's ability to self-regulate is normal for a child with Aspergers. He or she doesn't have bad character. This is just how Aspergers works.

It is possible to speed up emotional growth using intensive interventions. For more information about how you can help your child with Aspergers, contact me at For $10, you can receive an introductory offer of one-hour of Compassionate Consultation. Parenting your child with Aspergers is a challenge but it can be equally rewarding.