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Hackers Can Spy on Us!

Alarmingly, hackers can activate our cameras without our knowing it. No one is immune. I thought I was safe because I had not seen the little red light come on my web cam, but it seems that hackers can bypass that feature. How dare they invade my privacy and spy on me!

But, then I realized that hackers would have quite the show if they looked at me through my web cam or iPhone camera. I wondered what they would discover. Here is a list of things that hackers are most likely to see.

Web cam:

  1. My awesome resting bitch face
  2. My not-so-awesome resting bitch face
  3. An empty couch in a cluttered basement
  4. The ugliest, most comfortable clothes draped over a middle-aged woman
  5. Me staring blankly at the television
  6. Buddy, the moose cleverly disguised as a yellow lab
  7. My cat sleeping on the couch, or on the window sill, or on the floor, or in a chair
  8. Me eating unhealthy snacks
  9. Personal grooming

iPhone camera:

  1. My nose hairs
  2. Waiting areas
  3. My double chins (from that angle, there will be more than two)
  4. The inside of my purse
  5. My fingers
  6. The sky or ceiling
  7. The inside of my car
  8. My friends avoiding pictures
  9. My resting bitch face(s)

I don’t particularly want to be spied upon; but, having created these lists, I am not terribly worried about it either. I do think I need some hobbies.