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Jesus Saves at Aldi

I go in Aldi to pick up a few items, less than a cart full. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Aldi is a one brand store, their brand. Price comparison is unnecessary. There's only one of what you want and the price is cheaper than anywhere else in town. Shopping simplified!

The hardest part of shopping at Aldi is that there are no frills. Bring your own bags. Bag your own stuff. Put a quarter in the shopping cart slot and you can use it. When you are done, return the cart and get your quarter. Simple.

I get my items while half the population of my town begins to form a line at the single register that was open. Eight carts were in front of me. Yes, I spent as much time in line as I did shopping. But, I'm committed at this point and it’s not going to cost me much money. The lone clerk is working fast and hard. I start to become friends with shoppers who need pasta, because the line has stretched clear into the Italian food section of Aisle Two. I’m in front of the spaghetti, but I help them find the elbow macaroni. It's okay. It's Aldi. It's cheap. We’re all saving money, just not time.

Behind me are five carts and counting, when I notice a woman with a couple of bags of apples behind me suddenly. I assume she has cut; but, the person formerly behind me is not complaining, so what do I care? As I am finally the next cart ready to load my groceries on the conveyor belt, Ms. Apples asks me if she can go in front of me. With as little sarcasm as possible after being in line behind eight other carts, I say, "Yeah, I guess." We're all waiting, dang it! Ms. Apples gets visibly offended with my tone and sniffs, "Never mind."

I begin to load my groceries on the belt because I am happy not to accommodate Ms. Apples. I was not going to pamper her through her little huff, and she is pouting like three year old. As I do with all tantrumming children, I ignore her.

As I pay for my groceries, I commiserate with the clerk about how hard she is working. I get some cash, get my receipt, and prepare to leave. Ms. Apples finally gets her expedited turn and actually complains about how long the line was. Never mind that she hasn't been in it half as long. Rolling her eyes toward me, she tells the clerk, "Some people were nice and some people were not!" The nerve! I said she could go ahead of me.

I exited Aldi to load my groceries into my trunk, growing angrier with each step. I don't know if it is my acquired Yankee sensibilities about waiting your turn. Or, maybe it’s my overblown, inborn Texas sense of right and wrong; but, I was in the mood to detail her social inadequacies, loudly and publicly. I prayed to God she would come out before I returned my cart. I was going to ask her point blank how it was that I was not a nice person given how I said she could go ahead of me. (I'm in a mood, apparently, and probably need a nap.) However, I think she may have had some issues being able to pay for her apples because the timing didn't work out.

And, that is how I know there is a God, an unfair, kind, loving God, because He showed mercy on her by not having her cross my path again. It’s not like I didn’t ask. Unlike me, God did not say, “Yeah, I guess.”

Jesus saves, people!