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Perils of Working from Home

  1. Business attire: super, ultra casual, otherwise known as pajamas.
  2. My boss (me) is awesome, but I have no one to blame for problems.
  3. I love post-it notes and my work space is a tribute to that love and there is no one to make me stop.
  4. People do not really believe I am working. They ask me for odd favors and errands, and then get mad when I say no, I have to work.
  5. The clock is losing time for no apparent reason, except that I have created a psychic link; and, it has synced up with my inner clock, which always thinks I have ten more minutes.
  6. Filing is delayed due to my indecision over correct file folder titles. For example: should it be Medical Insurance? Or, Insurance: Medical? All protocols are mine to make. It’s paralyzing.
  7. My budget won’t afford a new printer. My current printer works when it feels like it. I have no idea when it will decide to stop or why it begins again. It creates a hostile workplace.
  8. My desk does not need to be cleaned; rather, it requires an archaeological expedition.
  9. Pets in the workplace are time stealers.
  10. When I am with my friends, I talk too much because I spend so much time alone.